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Save Money for Your Business with BarterQuest

Every one of us has dreams: Some are just ideas; several are so crazy that they will never come to be; and then there is that one special dream we think about over and over again until we turn it into a reality.

The founders of BarterQuest had a dream six years ago that became a reality. It wasn’t easy, but they believed in it and persevered. Now BarterQuest can help to turn your business idea into a reality through business to business (B2B) barter.

1. Services or Goods You Have to Offer
Make a list of services or goods you have to offer. These are your HAVES.

2. Use BarterQuest
Become a business member and join our business trading network . Get an impression what other businesses HAVE and WANT.

3. Post your HAVES and WANTS
Post your HAVES and post your WANTS, the things you need for your business.

4. Save Your Money by Trading
Search or use our MATCH to find potential trades.

5. Join Club Communities -
You would like to find other businesses to trade locally, nationally or internationally? Join the New York, US, or World clubs to network with other businesses.

Each time you barter for what you need instead of buying, you can be (1) converting excess inventory (a cost) into things you use in your business (a benefit), increasing your profit margin, (2) conserving your cash (helping cash flow and management of personal finances), and (3) networking for new clients. Bring your dreams one step closer by being smart and bartering!

Bartering Tips For Online Business

Back in the early days of civilisation when there was no accepted form of currency, purchasing was based on the barter system. If the caveman down the way had a hunk of dinosaur meat you were interested in, you could offer him a pelt of fur in exchange for it. You got to eat, the other guy got to stay warm. It was a win-win situation.
Things have certainly changed in modern society but the barter system is still in use. Trading products, services, or promotional efforts provides an affordable way to extend your internet marketing reach.

Trading Services
You might be in need of professional services for your company. Often accounting or legal services, necessary for the growth and compliance of your e-commerce company, present prohibitive costs to the small business owner. Why not barter for these services?
Consider offering a free banner ad or a complimentary write-up on your blog in exchange for an initial consultation or a service from a professional who offers the services you need.
If your first offer doesn’t pique the interest of a professional provider don’t give up. Provide a list of things they can choose from. There is bound to be something you can offer that is of interest.

b2b barter

Promotional Bartering
You can really extend your marketing reach if you partner with others to help spread the word about your online business. This is a simple concept, usually offered in exchange for like promotional efforts.
Working with another online individual or company, you can offer to exchange banner ads, blog posts, a link in a blogroll, or even do-follow comments.
But you can also use other items to barter with. If your website sells products, consider giving something away in return for a posted review, a testimonial, or a referral on a social media site.
Planning an event? Whether it is an online or offline gathering, find the vendors who can supply the needed components, such as webinar software. Ask if you can exchange the necessary product or service for advertising spots on your website or a complete write-up of the event afterward that showcases the vendor’s offerings.
Need a logo for your start-up? Why not offer the graphics artist a direct link from your site in exchange for the design or a deep discount?

General Bartering Tips
Bartering works best if you attempt to exchange items or services of similar value. Offering a blog post in exchange for the complete legal setup of your business is probably not going to entice a lawyer to take you up on this deal. It is easier to make appropriate offers by first assigning a dollar value to the product or service you are using to barter.
If you don’t already have a relationship established with a vendor, provide them a show of good faith by giving something upfront. With so many scam artists on the internet these days, many people are leery of deals from an unknown source.

Bartering – A Way To Move Your Business Forward

originally on by Brad Rhoades

Is cash tight these days with your business? Maybe you work independently and it’s difficult to find any kind of lending for a small business or for an individual? Or maybe your business needs to expand but there are simply no extra cash reserves. Well, bartering might be a great way to keep your business moving forward by trading your services or products in exchange for someone else’s goods or services.

If you find your business is lacking cash, then this might be a creative way to help obtain new opportunities, goods, or services for your business.

Trading goods or services can be a terrific solution to acquire something in exchange to help improve or benefit your business without using any cash, especially these days when cash is so tight and banks are not lending too eagerly. This could be that out of the box solution to help push things ahead and keep your business and your life moving forward.

According to Wikipedia, there is an estimated of over 350,000 businesses in the United States which are involved in barter exchange activities. And there are approximately 400 commercial and corporate barter companies serving all parts of the world. I even found quite a few websites that let you look up others online to exchange skills, services, and knowledge. So bartering is looking alive and well these days. These online services take a little off the top from a small commission…but that might be something to consider to help find what you are looking for and vice versa.


You might want to first just sit down and start brainstorming what types of jobs, services, or physical items you can trade with to another business or individual. Then start thinking what services and goods do you need? Who might need your product or service? Who might like to swap with you?

Maybe you are great with social media or computers? Do you have a special skill set to trade? Are you a handyman? Are you a hairstylist? Are you a plumber? Or maybe you are a dentist or an eye doctor? Maybe you are great at organizing things? Maybe you can help another business with accounting? Then barter your services or goods to acquire what you need for your business, in place of paying for cash.

Here are some ideas to get your business moving without any cash… And this doesn’t have to be just for your business… you might want to consider bartering for your personal life? I think we all have to do whatever it takes to get this economy rolling again and bartering might be one idea to help us do just that. I also listed some skill sets to think about trading with? Why not? If you have a skill that someone else wants…find that someone who wants to make a trade.

~ Barter for marketing and promoting your business.
~ Barter to secure a business coach.
~ Barter to get your website built or online business going.
~ Barter to obtain some computer and office equipment.
~ Hair Stylist
~ Math tutor, language tutor, or other educational subjects.
~ Real Estate Agent
~ Home Stager
~ Pest Control
~ House Cleaning
~ Catering Service
~ Photography
~ Plumbing, Handyman, Carpenter, Roofer, Electrician, etc.
~ Accounting
~ Website Designer
~ Auto Mechanic
~ Landscape Specialist
~ Financial Planner
~ Soccer Coach, Martial Arts Instructor, Football Coach, etc.
~ Taxi or Shuttle Service
~ Make-up Artist

This list could go on forever but I hope this gives you some ideas to work with and I would encourage going online and researching for more ideas. Also, you can barter things like jet skis, pick-up trucks, tools, furniture, computers, and that list goes on forever as well. So if cash is tight these days then make a trade and keep things moving forward. Again, we all need to do whatever it takes to make this economy and our lives strong again.

So be creative, be persistent, and make it happen!

Bartering is Helpful When Starting a Business

Posted on May 17th, 2010
Originally posted by Vera Gibbons

When 55-year old Donna Taylor, of Fayetteville, TN, left behind a lucrative six-figure job in advertising to pursue her lifelong dream of starting her own company, she knew she was going to have to cut her costs. Significantly.

That meant working out — and sticking to — a serious budget. “It’s not like I was living lavishly, but like everyone else, I wasn’t giving too much thought as to where my money was going.”

Her plan: to cut her expenses — everything from insurance to vacations to dry cleaning costs — by 50% a year. After all, she was going to be investing a significant portion of her savings to launch Lucky Bucky, an online retail company for horse enthusiasts.

How’d she do it?

Taylor shares some of her cost-cutting tips:

Use A Personal Finance Software Program. Taylor uses Quicken to track and manage every aspect of her finances. And it’s been an eye-opening experience. “You see all the money you’re spending in all the different categories; when I saw how much money was going toward entertainment, that had to stop,” she says.” My husband and I used to go out 2-3 times a week; now we have barbecues or potlucks in the backyard with our neighbors, and we drink wine at home.” Smart choice: did you know that wine sold at restaurants could be marked up more than 300% per glass?

Barter. Given the weak economy, many consumers are finding creative ways to swap for the stuff they need or want. And while a site like — which offers swaps on everything from sporting goods to musical instruments — is one way to go, Taylor prefers to barter the old fashioned way: in person. She has worked out trade arrangements with everyone from her neighbor to her lawn service company.

Go Generic. If you’re still embarrassed about the quality of no frills, store brands, or generics, you’re in the minority. Join Taylor (and the masses!) by jumping on the generic bandwagon. Taylor estimates she saves about 50% a year by buying generic, which is about what the average family saves (and about what I saved on an independent experiment I conducted for CBS News’ The Early Show). For additional savings, Taylor plans her meals a week in advance, and freezes leftovers. “It makes meal time not only cheaper, but easier and tastier.”

Barter Online and Save Money

Posted on May 4th, 2010

When most people think of barter, they think of a very primitive form of trade. Maybe you give your neighbor tomatoes from your garden in exchange for him shoveling snow from your driveway. Barter can be this simple, but in the information age it can also be much more.

Barter can essentially be done the same way people buy and sell online, whether at online stores or auction sites. The difference is, instead of using cash money, you barter goods and services. There are barter exchanges that have their own currency that you can use to trade with other members.

What are some of the advantages of online barter? First of all, you get to benefit from the global nature of the internet. Traditionally, barter was done within a confined area, perhaps between neighboring tribes. Today, however, you can barter with anyone, anywhere, whether you are in the UK, India, the US or Australia.

The main advantage to barter is that you can acquire products and services you want for yourself at a fraction of the usual cost. Using online barter currencies, you can trade items that have nothing whatsoever in common with people anywhere in the world. For example, if you happen to be an artist or crafts person, you could make a trade with someone who owns a travel agency, perhaps exchanging a painting for a weekend stay at a resort.

Like any other way of doing business, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to barter. You can start small, within your comfort zone and gradually scale it up. There is no need to make any large investments, as barter can be done at any level. If you are interested, you may want to learn more about getting in on the ground floor of this exciting new 21st Century version of an ancient business practice!

Bartering when starting a Business

Posted on April 26th, 2010

If you are running a business or thinking of starting a business, there are great opportunities to make your venture a profitable and lucrative one. The thing is that it’s not only you you will be facing the economic crises; it is everyone around you going through the same problems. In these times, what you can do to make your business grow without spending more money is by bartering services and goods and establishing good relations with other businesses and professionals.

Below a few tips and suggestions on how you can use your cabinet services to your advantage and spread your business without spending money or going out of your way!

  • Approach accountants for your business as they can help you greatly with your books and accounts. In turn offer your services to individual accountants or their company and help them if they need any jobs done. This will not only help you in your business but also help you to show them what you can do and ask for referral jobs too.
  • You can also approach attorneys or lawyers and ask them to trade out expenses in a barter exchange.
  • The same goes for physicians and other medical practitioners, you can approach them in barter of your services and do a fabulous job for them. This makes starting business worthwhile as no matter how the economic conditions are, you will be able to carry on your business forward and make a name for yourself with good services and a neat job.
  • Approaching auto mechanics is another great way to bartering your services and getting your car repaired at the same time. All these things will help to get the word about your business out as business can only progress if people see what good you sell.

Bartering and its Benefits

Posted on April 1st, 2010
Originally posted by Donald Robichaud

As we start to pull ourselves out of this economy it’s important to understand how the art of bartering can assist us to improve sales, profits and allow us to close more business.  As a business owner you can barter to purchase what you need or want, and pay for them with the additional sales of your goods or services.

Bartering helps improve cash flow as it allows you to pay for what you need with your own goods or services, allowing you to preserve working capital for other expenses.  When you use barter, instead of cash, to purchase needed goods and services, you reduce your cash costs by paying for them with revenue generated by incremental barter sales. This means that new sales are made by bartering which help reduce cash outlays for overhead costs. Obtaining these overhead services through barter rather than writing out a cheque saves you cash.

Bartering can also allow you to move excess inventory and improve inventory management by converting excess products into valuable goods and services. If you barter, you avoid having to liquidate excess inventory through drastic discounting.

So the art of bartering and negotiating can help companies enhance productivity and put inventory, equipment and employees to good use, creating new revenue that would not have been available otherwise. That new revenue can be used to finance the purchase of new equipment, raw materials or services to support the business. Essentially, a company can move less productive assets and exchange them for more valuable goods or services through the help of a barter exchange.

Bartering benefits your company and your clients with a mutual benefit in exchanging goods and services rather than cash, and it also enables those who are lacking hard currency to obtain your goods and services.

Barter for Business

Posted on March 11th, 2010
Originally posted by kamal

When people preach barter to businesses or individuals as a method to reduce their expenses people generally think “why”? I mean, why would they prefer to buy stuff using barter dollars than in cash? Why would somebody pay the expenses of running their business through barter dollars than the cash ones? I know because that is the first question that would come to my mind.
Business Men Shaking Hands

The answer to this question can be explained in a few points:

  • Extra income: barter income is income generated over and above your existing cash sales (for which you are already making the necessary expenses). Also, these barter sales are generated with little or no additional costs. This means that, in order to take on a few extra barter deals, your main fixed expenses do not increase (i.e. rent, salaries of employees, etc). There may be a small increase in expense to service the new customer but given that your business should already be doing well enough to cover its existing cash expenses this new revenue comes at a higher profit margin.
  • New customers: barter exchanges bring you new customers. The primary reason that these businesses deal with you is because they are a part of the barter network. These are not current cash customers, and are probably not customers you could easily attract in the cash market.

The reason for this is quite simple. In the cash marketplace the number of customers you have is limited by the amount of people who hear about your business in one way or another. In the barter marketplace a separate organisation is going out and sourcing new sales for you from businesses who already have existing cash suppliers but who would prefer to do deals on a barter basis in order to reduce their own overheads

  • Income from unused resources: the barter dollars that you earn are income generated by optimum utilisation of your otherwise unused, or partially used, resources – e.g. unsold appointment slots, unoccupied space, free time of employees, unsold perishable and non perishable inventory etc. If these resources can be tapped to generate barter dollars which, in-turn, can be used to buy necessary equipment, services or advertising then you have turned an under-utilised asset into something of value.
  • Barter commission, a small expense: barter organisations work on a cash commission -  so every new sale they bring you costs a fee between 7% to 10%. Now compare this to the cost of generating a new sale in the cash market. Imagine spending large sums on additional advertising but having no guarantees that the advertising campaign will generate new sales. In comparison: the barter company only charges a commission after it brings you a new sale. In this instance there is no risky advertising, sales or marketing capital outlay to get new customers.
  • Income will be used to replace cash: even though these sales generate barter dollars these barter dollars can be used wherever possible instead of cash. You will use these dollars to buy products and services that are necessary to run your business. Hence, you will reduce your cash expenses. In-turn, your cash profit will increase.

Barter is helpful offsetting the cost of advertising, materials and everything else associated with our business. It’s just that you need to learn how and where to use barter.

Computer Networking Services

This week we have an interesting service for you:

SoHo Business Solutions offers a broad array of services designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs SMB must have to stay competitive in their industry. Let them  keep your PCs, servers, email, networks, and Internet services up and running saving you valuable time and money. This allow your employees to focus on their job-related tasks while we focus on ours – being your information technology support team


Their comprehensive list of services includes:

Technology Solutions
Network Design/ Installation
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Network Data Security

Manage IT Services
Virus Alert
Small Business Links
IT Products

Technology Resources
Remote Server Management
Remote Data Protection Management
Network Management
Proactive Technology Services

Have fun trading!

5 Tips for Business Owners

Originally posted:

Posted On: February 28, 2010

Capital is the crucial ingredient for any business to grow. This holds true whether you are a one-person firm with minimal revenue or a 100-person company with significant sales. Yet so many entrepreneurs and business owners complain about how difficult it is to attain. Here are just five of the numerous ways to access capital taken from the informative new book, Solving the Capital Equation.

Form strategic partnerships. Consider the following: Who is already reaching your client or customer base? Who offers products or services that may be a great fit for your client or customer base? Who has a skill set or functional expertise that your firm lacks? All of these entities would make great prospective partners. Identify them, then craft a win/win partnership. Why spend money you do not have when you have something else of value to offer them – your firm’s product and services! You can use partners to access the sales force, marketing, IT, accounting, management expertise – to name just a few – of the services you would otherwise have to pay for.

Barter. As a business owner, you have a product or service that someone wants. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in business. You can barter these products or services for those products and services you need to grow your business or service your customer. Or you could barter for personal items that you would typically have to withdraw funds from the company to pay yourself then pay for directly. You can barter for advertising, travel, legal or accounting services, televisions, landscaping, cleaning services. There are a lot of free barter websites, try it you can save a lot of money!

Find a strategic investor. Is there a larger company that would benefit directly from your service or product offering? If so, contact them. If you can convince them that your company can directly or indirectly positively impact their bottom line either through a sales increase or a cost reduction, you are likely to garner financing in the form of direct equity, a loan, use of their credit, prepaid contracts, or payment of development costs. Look around. Potential strategic investors abound.

Tap your suppliers. Are you trying to rapidly expand your business and need money to pay your suppliers? Why not ask your supplier to advance you the money? If your expansion will contribute a sizable portion of your supplier’s annual receipts, you can induce the vendor to provide a 12-18 month loan by promoting how he/she stands to benefit. At the least, negotiate a 90-day payment arrangement.

Seller finance. Who knows the business or asset better than the person or entity selling it? If you are growing your business through acquiring other businesses, seek seller financing. Give them a lien against the business so they get the business back if you default. Suggest it as a way for you to know you are getting what you paid for. Added benefit: reduces risks that the company has hidden problems which greatly decrease its value and that the owner would start another competing business.

Use these ideas to spark your creative thought process and get the money you need to elevate your business. You will see it works! free porn movies