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Swap Books!

I found this article yesterday:

“Brooklyn Bookstore Lets You Trade Paperbacks For Coffee”

Molasses Books in Bushwick, Brooklyn is a new bookstore that offers a change from the traditional retail model, letting customers trade their books for a coffee tab (or more books). The store owner, Matthew Winn, is also applying for a tavern license, which will allow you to swap for beer and wine in the future.
The small, curated store is light and open, with space for a dozen people to sit and read and plenty of room to browse. Lots of fiction titles cover one wall, while non-fiction, art, and photography can be found elsewhere. The average book is priced at $1-10. Brokelyn reports there isn’t an exact science for the buying and selling system just yet: “You’ll get about a third of the resale value in cash, or a little more for trade or a tab at the bar.”

(Originally on

I think their business model is interesting. They combine the concept of traditional barter with the opportunity to get something you would otherwise pay for every day, coffee. Conserve your cash and drink your coffee!

Now, BarterQuest can’t offer you coffee for your books. But you can get a lot of other things, including other books. Before your bookcase breaks or your patience breaks over continually dusting books you’ll never look at again, trade them on our site. In fact, if you would like to actually write a book or publish one, swap for it under “Services.”

Start swapping now. You never know what you might get for a book!

The “Complete Idiot’s Guide To Barter & Trade Exchanges”

Posted on November 25th, 2009


Jerry Howell, Founder & President of the Midwest Business Exchange, has written a book which will be released December 1 at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other independent book sellers nationwide.

Jerry Howell is President and Founder of Midwest Business Exchange, which facilitates cashless transactions. Howell serves on the Board of the National Association of Trade Exchanges and runs two philanthropic organizations. Tom Chmielewski is a writer and editor for newspapers, magazines and the Internet, and founder of a digital book publishing company.

It’s titled the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Barter & Trade Exchanges and is published by Penguin Books. The book is aimed at businesses that are either members of trade exchanges, or considering joining one.

Topics include a history of barter, alternative currencies, and how trade exchanges work. The book challenges the reader to learn strategies, both basic and advanced, as they make their memberships work for them. In doing so, it also offers valuable insight to brokers of trade exchanges.

Howell is an excellent writer with a well-known sense of humor. Given these attributes, along with having a major publisher and national distribution, should provide significant exposure and opportunities for the commercial barter industry. free porn movies