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BarterQuest Will Exhibit at Small Business Expo in New York

BarterQuest will offer small businesses the opportunity to trade costs for profits

NEW YORK, May 14, 2013 – BarterQuest (, a platform that supports the exchange of goods, services and real estate, today announced that it will be an exhibitor at the Small Business Expo, taking place in New York City at Pier 92, 711 12th Avenue (52nd Street) on Thursday, May 16th. BarterQuest will be at booth 321.The company will encourage small businesses to become members of its trading platform.

On BarterQuest, businesses can trade their inventory for the goods or services they need or sell their goods and services to an expanding network of businesses and consumers, increasing their sales, reducing their costs, and expanding their customer base. The goods and services of member businesses will be the subject of special online promotions by BarterQuest. Moreover, they will be first in line to upgrade to BarterQuest’s new B2B platform which is expected to launch this year. The new B2B platform will offer its members immediate trade credit and the opportunity to trade with a highly targeted group of businesses that have been vetted for their attractiveness as trading partners.

Businesses that register at the Expo will pay a substantially reduced registration fee.

“Businesses are already active users of our site and have evidenced a demand for our services by the small business community,” stated Bianca Han, Executive Vice President of BarterQuest. “To successfully trade, you must first be able to network, communicate what you have and what you want for it, and trust your trading partner. BarterQuest is all about making your trades easy by providing effective ways for you to find the trades you’re looking for, to negotiate and complete your trades, and to have confidence that you’ll get what you bargained for. Further, cash can be used on the site to equalize trading values or to buy the good and services that are offered. When they barter, businesses can transform costs into profits, a form of alchemy that is a ‘win win’ for the trading partners.”

About BarterQuest

BarterQuest supports the exchange of all types of goods, services, and real estate by consumers and businesses. It offers a full solution for e-barter, providing platforms that allow its users to improve the economics otherwise available to them in the all cash market. Its trading platforms are based on proprietary, patented technology, including the instant matching of the haves and wants of users for two party and multi-party trades. Exchanges are facilitated by a user friendly Web design that is unique in its combination of features. BarterQuest is headquartered in New York, NY and is owned and operated by JPM Global, Inc., a Delaware corporation. For more information, visit

Except for historical information contained herein, this news release may contain forward looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties.

Vendors seeking further information, please email:

Bianca Han, Executive Vice President
231 West 29th Street
Suite 906
New York, NY 10001

Gutenberg Communications
Kerri Hazama

Go for Gold! – Go for BarterQuest!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for! Today is the day that the London 2012 Olympic Games begin!

For the next three weeks, the world’s best athletes will compete to win medals, break world records, and create special moments to remember.

Mariel Zagunis, a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist fencer, has been given the honor to carry the American flag and to lead the 529-member US Team at the Opening Ceremony.

Let the games begin! Stop being a couch potato, stand up and cheer for the US Team! “Go for Gold” – “Go for BarterQuest!” Be a member of our community, join our clubs and barter for a personal fitness trainer, a basketball, a bathing suit or a pair of athletic shoes to create YOUR own special moment and be your own hero!

Browse through our category of Sporting Goods here


Who doesn’t want a designer dress?

Our interest was aroused yesterday when we saw the first episode of the 10th season of “Project Runway.” Supermodel Heidi Klum and her fellow judges are searching for the next Marc Jacobs or Vivienne Westwood. Sixteen contestants, young to somewhat older (58) presented their dresses on the runway in Times Square. Awesome!

But you don’t have to dream of wearing a designer dress. It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Start your own “Project Runway” by starting your own “Project Barter!” On our site users offer many high fashion products, both dresses and accessories! Be your own judge and barter for a one-of-a-kind piece!

Your “Project Barter” starts here

Bartering – Learning to do at Home

by Nuria Almeida on 12/02/2011
orginally on:

Bartering has been making a comeback in our community- and many other places. In our homeschooling group, we all barter and it really helps keep our expenses down.
Bartering is simply the swapping of goods for services, goods for goods or services for services.Why pay for something when you can barter to absorb some of the costs associated with services you need?
For example, our homeschool group swaps babysitting duties with eachother so each person can each do their shopping without kids in tow.
A quick checklist to keep in mind when bartering is to:.

Know the value of what you want and what you have to barter.
For example, maybe you offer to clean a friend’s house in exchange for an item they are trying to sell. Once you pick the value of your cleaning service, you can negotiate.

Be Bold, But Don’t be Pushy
Set Specific Rules
These rules can be in the form of a formal document or a verbal agreement. Just make sure it’s understood by both parties.

Start Small
Bartering takes practice. To build confidence, start small and work your way up. After a little while, you will be an expert.

Be Fair
You will only get nothing for nothing. Make sure what you want and what you have to offer in trade are compatible.
Bartering is about creating a mutually beneficial transaction. It is an old art form, and by watching his parents bartering successfully, our son will learn from an early age a skill that is absolutely necessary during hard economic times. free porn movies