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Part One Of Our New Daily Series About Mothers And The Challenge Of Raising a Child

Part One Of Our New Daily Series About Mothers And The Challenge Of Raising a Child

A new life’s challenge: having a baby! Within the next 9 months there are a lot of things to do and many things to consider, especially if it’s your first child. You have to get clothes, toys and furniture for your newborn. But it’s not necessary to spend all of your hard earned money on things that are brand new. The baby will grow so fast that you have to get new things almost every month.

To avoid stress, the soon-to-be mother should get all the important things for the baby step-by-step. A changing unit, the stroller and a car seat could be obtained during the pregnancy. Thereby, the mother should consider bartering as an option to save money, time and stay green.

But not only material things count to make a baby happy. Especially during the pregnancy, the mother should take care of herself. She should avoid everything which could harm the baby. Drinking a lot of water, vitamins and eating a balanced diet will help the baby to stay healthy.


As Taxes Increase More People Barter

Posted on: December 10th, 2009
Originally posted by: The Munz


War on Freedom Targets Yard Sales, Lemonade Stands, Fuel Cells: “A form of totalitarianism is developing in Washington, as federal bureaucrats turn the screws on private citizens and job providers to obtain compliance with rules and mandates.

As higher taxes and more intrusive regulations take hold (while the dollar continues to sink), more and more Americans are turning to barter and other forms of private commerce between individuals. CraigsList, for example, is reporting an 80% jump in bartering activity by private citizens. And there has been a surge of interest in sites such as as well.

Of course, the rise of the ‘black market’ (i.e. the free market) is one consequence of political rules and mandates which are largely responsible for crippling our economy. But instead of letting the market work, politicians and bureaucrats are gearing up to meddle in unprecedented ways.

Overreaching regulation isn’t a new phenomenon, but what’s noteworthy is the increasingly thuggish edge on government enforcement actions against citizens found in non compliance with even the pettiest of rules.”

Four Easy and Funny Barter Sites

On July 28, 5:55 PM, by R.S. Johnson

Bartering goods is a great way to reduce spending, clean out that garage and save our planet from excess consumerism.

But ever since our economy has tanked, it has become more than a just a wise and conscientious decision, but an absolute means of survival.

Sadly, many are still reluctant to explore its benefits, outside the occasional DVD trade on Craigslist or a weekend haggle at a local swap event.

So to get those started, I’ve listed four great sites that will turn almost anybody into barter fanatic. All were chosen for their ease of use, feature rich platform and social media experience.

SwapTree - This site is the best for trading books, music, DVD and games. With a clean and simple interface and large member signup that reads ‘Join in 8 seconds!’, swapping is truly a snap.

Commuto - Growing in popularity, this site has just about everything you want. The site’s emphasis is on creating niche barter economies based on groups or items. In fact, they are the first to offer a Facebook app which exploits the social media site’s massive user base.

BarterQuest - With an abundance of items to choose from, this site offers trades in just about everything you could possibly imagine, even real estate! Like Commuto they have recently began to offer a feature for organizing members into niche groups which they call Barter Clubs.

Swapstyle –
Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli once said, “In difficult times fashion is always outrageous.” Elsa would probably have appreciated this site, which offers endless colors, shapes and textures of head turning visual statements. Of course fashion would be nothing without opinion and attitude, that’s why they offer users a Style Blog to express your vision and a Style Page to strike a pose.


Try one, try them all. If you can’t find what your looking for, chances are its never been made. I guaratnee once you start trading, youl’ll think twice before buying anything ever again.

Trading Clubs & Forums

We are happy to announce that, Trading Clubs and Forums are now online on!

So go ahead and join the club that best fits your interests, and afterward why not talk about it with other users on the forum.

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