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Bartering Children’s Gear

You might wonder why we decided to write about this specific category. Well, it’s very simple: children’s clothes, toys and other equipment are simply made to be swapped!
Have you ever wondered how fast your child is growing out of those shoes you just recently bought? This can really sum up. And at some point it might be argued that it’s wasted money if you’re buying new things just so your child can wear/use them for a couple of weeks or months.
But when it comes to children’s stuff it’s not only a matter of size. A newborn appreciates other toys than a 4-year old. And different 4-year olds may have different preferences (actually we’re absolutely sure they do!).

So what to do with all the useless toys your child once used to play with? What to do with all the toys and clothes you received as presents but never really used? Get rid of it, and get something you can actually use in exchange. And in order to do so you don’t even have to leave the house. In fact, you don’t have to move at all. Stay right where you are, comfortably seated and click yourself to the perfect trade. We know that being a mother is a full time job so you might appreciate the fact that you don’t have to leave the house to shop for children’s gear. It takes a couple of seconds to connect you to thousands of other mothers who are just as keen to swap and trade as you are. At BarterQuest we even dedicated a club to all mothers. It’s meant to connect you with like-minded women in order to increase your chances of a successful trade, connect you with other mothers, enable you to exchange advice, discuss problems and so on. It’s a platform created for you and meant to be customized by you.

Once your kids are in college, it’s definitely time to get rid of all the children’s stuff you kept “just in case”. Baby cribs, strollers, baby seats and so on. Why let this stuff taking up space in your home? And trust me: your children won’t want to use the same stuff for their children. Passing on baby cribs from generation to generation might seem like a somewhat nice tradition, but in the end it’s far from convenient. Times change and products improve.
So start bartering for children’s gear now and be amazed with how much money you will end up saving. Happy trading!

tit for tat.

Originally on
by: Erin Cobb

Early on in my photography business I discovered a fabulous little perk to having a creative pursuit of value – bartering. I’ve always been the kind of girl who appreciates a good deal. And bartering is the ultimate good deal.

Like last weekend, for instance. When I bartered a fun and funky family portrait session for a fabulous weekend at that fun and funky family’s a-MA-zing mountain vacation cottage.

Since I discovered the joy of bartering a few years ago I’ve traded photography for trips, babysitting, tax accounting, children’s clothing and legal advice. And I have my sights on interior and landscape designers in the future.

So what do you have to offer? Photography seems to be a popular interest around these parts but bartering doesn’t have to be limited to what you do professionally. I know lots of working mamas who would pay (trade?) an arm and a leg for hot meals several times a week. Or errand running. Gift wrapping. House cleaning. Custom painting. Monogramming. Tutoring. Pretty much anything you enjoy and are good at is worth bartering with someone who enjoys, and is good at, something different.


As you enter into a bartering relationship, here are a few tips:

- Approach someone about bartering who has showed previous interest in your hobby or strength. A simple statement like, “if you’re ever interested in bartering, let me know!” is an easy and non pushy way to start the conversation.

- Make sure the expectations on both sides are clearly spelled out ahead of time. If necessary, put it in writing. Be sure to discuss the timeline during which your barter agreement will be fulfilled.

- Bartering generally works best with people you already know, trust, and whose service or talent you appreciate.

- Bartering relationships can be extremely rewarding but the balancing act can be precarious. By spelling out the details ahead of time you’ll ensure that no one feels taken advantage of or is left feeling like they’ve put in more work than the other party.

- When costs are associated with the bartering agreement, decide upfront who will take care of them. For example, when I bartered a portrait session for our weekend in the mountains, our family took care of the cleaning fee and her family took care of printing their own portraits.

- Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Be sure you’re bartering for things that are meaningful and enriching to your life. The last things we busy creative mamas need is to add more stuff to our already full plates. So figure out what you value and what you’d like to have more of while spending less for it, and propose a barter.

Part Four: Letting Go

And there it is: the first day at school! Your little kid has been waiting for this day for so long. Finally, the new backpack can be put to use; but it looks so huge on that little body. You may feel sad to let them go but it is important to put a brave face for your child on their first day. Your everyday life is about to change enormously. Your son or daughter will go through a lot of changes: new forms of behavior, new friends and new interest.

It may be hard to let your child, you little baby go, but letting go means enabling your child to develop their own personality, have their own social environment and make friends. It’s a very important step in the growth process of your child. So don’t feel sad about it, you should rather think about new doors and opportunities which are now opening for you and your child. Your son or daughter will come home telling you all the new things they have learnt and this will strengthen your relationship.

You will have more free time to do all the things which were left behind during the last couple of years; you can now focus on yourself a little more again: meeting with your friends to drink a coffee or go to the spa. Enjoy your new freedom and let your child do the same.

“It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.” J. Maynard


Part Three: A New Experience For Your Child: Going To Kindergarten!

The time flew by: it seems like yesterday that your kid learnt hot to walk and now you have to watch him go to kindergarten for the first time. Many things will change again: your child will change. You have to learn to let go and also become familiar with the new situation.

It’s about time again to get new things for your child; like a backpack, lunchbox and their first bike. But all of there things are only odds and ends compared to the experience you and your child will gain.

Recognize and appreciate the kindergarten milestone. Kindergarten may symbolize the ending of your child’s complete dependence on you, but also marks an important beginning. It’s a very exciting time in your child’s life and also for you. After years of cutback you finally have time for yourself again.

See how BarterQuest can help you through this next stage of your life.

See what BarterQuest has to offer for this occasion:


Part Two: Newborn and Toddlers

Your baby comes into the world; you’re happy yet insecure: am I doing everything right? Has my baby everything it needs? You need a few days to realize that there is a new family member living in your house now.

It takes time to get familiar with all the different needs of the baby, what it likes and dislikes or what it wants when it screams in a particular way. You don’t have to worry about doing something wrong. It’s in a mother’s nature to try and do everything for her baby.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous – it is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body.” (E. Stone)

So everything you do, you do not only for yourself but also for your child. You do it with love, passion and dedication, and the baby feels that. It will feel the comfort, the love and the attention. The newborn will receive only the best: the best products, the best food, and the best care, just because you want to make sure it’s fine. As far as child care is concerned, everything, starting from their health, hygiene and safety at home and outside the home needs to be considered.

Basically, if you fully dedicate yourself to the new challenge and trust your motherly instincts, you can’t do anything wrong. You will see your beautiful and healthy baby grow a little more each and every day.

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Part One Of Our New Daily Series About Mothers And The Challenge Of Raising a Child

Part One Of Our New Daily Series About Mothers And The Challenge Of Raising a Child

A new life’s challenge: having a baby! Within the next 9 months there are a lot of things to do and many things to consider, especially if it’s your first child. You have to get clothes, toys and furniture for your newborn. But it’s not necessary to spend all of your hard earned money on things that are brand new. The baby will grow so fast that you have to get new things almost every month.

To avoid stress, the soon-to-be mother should get all the important things for the baby step-by-step. A changing unit, the stroller and a car seat could be obtained during the pregnancy. Thereby, the mother should consider bartering as an option to save money, time and stay green.

But not only material things count to make a baby happy. Especially during the pregnancy, the mother should take care of herself. She should avoid everything which could harm the baby. Drinking a lot of water, vitamins and eating a balanced diet will help the baby to stay healthy.

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