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Archive for Barter Videos

BarterQuest on FoxBusiness News.

Bartering is Back

Bartering is indeed Helpful…

Cool Clicks – BarterQuest

Bartering System, it works!

The History of Bartering

Before there was money, there was bartering, sometimes however this concept can be a little hard to grasp for children, and adults alike. Which is the reason why Schoolhouse Rock has made this great little educational video about the history of bartering. The video travels through history and explains how bartering evolved over time and eventually was replaced with “money”.

Back To the Basics

Funny Canadian  video about bartering


Big Quarters / Barter Systems

It’s definitively awesome that even the HipHop Business mentions bartering! Watch this video about bartering systems by Big Quarters.


Did You Know?

Did you know?

- Humming-birds are the only birds that are able to fly backwards.
- Dogs sweat through their paws.
- The fear of the number thirteen is known as triskaidekaphobia.
- Rice paper is not made from rice.
- Gorillas are unable to swim.

If you are interested in feeding your brain with fascinating if yet random facts then the video below will be just for you. The video contains a lot of very interesting facts, like did you know it took the radio 38 years to reach a market audience of 50 Million, the TV still took 13 years, the iPod on the other hand took less than 3 years. So watch the video I am sure you will be fascinated by some of the facts mentioned.

Great Green Ideas & Videos

a passive house:
what?: captures the heat produced naturally during the day
e.g.: 1/10 of energy than a regular house
where?: Sweden, Austria, Germany
why?: environmentally friendly & economical, saves energy and therefore money

a passive house

-> every house can be a passive house

Brooklyn greenest spot: Habana Outpost
what?: restaurant (solar powered eatery)
where?: Brooklyn
why?: green and yummy
solar powered eating place, recycled paper, rainwater to flush the toilet, local food, leftover as compost, and a old mailing truck as the kitchen

solar eatery

to watch this viedo search for: “Brooklyn eatery goes green” on cnn (unfortunately I wasn’t able to create a link, sorry) free porn movies