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7 Tips for Bartering Products and Services

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Make It Fair Be sure you are both trading a fair value including shipping. It may be neccessary to trade more than one product/service or issue a gift certificate for the remaining amount. Communicate Keep in good contact with the person you are bartering with, both durring and after the trade. Visiting message boards/groups making announcements in appropriate catagories is one way. Many sites also have a special section just for bartering. They need to be managed to determine a common goal, establish objectives and set a course to obtain the desired results. Negotiators and parents can adopt mediation techniques to improve their skills at handling conflict. A mediator delegates responsibilities not only to get the job done but also to give everyone a vested interest in the outcome. By directing and delegating, the mediator effectively makes both parties more equal and more likely to be able to come to an agreement. In the right situation, using inclusion to integrate everyone’s needs into the solution can yield very positive results. Mediators are masters of group manipulation.

They must get warring parties to set aside their differences and reach an accord. Most people are used to being told what is right to do. A mediator is unable to make the decision for the group. He does not function as a judge or jury. He must enable each of the parties to make their own settlement decisions.

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Getting people to do things they would not ordinarily want to do can involve, among other things, manipulation. But this is typically a subset of the use of effective leadership and management skills. While manipulation has a bad connotation of trickery or deceit, it can be simply good negotiating. When managing the negotiating process you are seeking to maneuver the other person into agreeing to your terms. If a little manipulation will get them to consider your arguments is required, then it is well suited to the purpose. Being able to lead others, convincing them to hear what is being said, and to consider options is a mark of a good leader. Tricking others into doing your will is not.

Use of trickery will likely lead to agreements that fall apart after the test of time. In any dispute those involved make up a small group and are subject to traditional group dynamics. Filling this role is what makes mediators effective at resolving disputes.

How to Barter Services

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Another interesting aspect of trade aside from common exchange of products would be barter services. The method involves trading specialties between parties. On most occasions, the exchange is bilateral and direct between the parties involved. You need to have full knowledge regarding the details of this type of barter since the goods cannot be fully quantified.
Intro to Barter Services
Barter services are the offering of services and specialties by one barterer in return for another type of service or specialty that they need. The trade is done through physical or online meetings wherein the parties involved will define the type of service they are offering including all other details such as duration of service, coverage and limitations, overhead expenses, etc. This is an effective approach for individuals who cannot fully afford with cash. It is also a common practice used by individuals who are still beginning to improve in their craft.
Examples of professional services that are offered are home repair or construction, plumbing, accounting, health care, electrical work, mechanical work and engineering. There are also personal services exchanged which may be valued less such as pet grooming, babysitting, running errands and art making. The good thing about bartering services is that any individual from any walk of life can offer their talents and skills including students. Other inclusions available include article or thesis writing, poster making and web site designing.


It may be easier for you to find on the internet services you need to be bartered. There are web sites that particularly cater to bartering services. These will serve as your common meeting ground where you search for options and begin negotiating. Reliable web sites usually have a profile and complete list of all registered users so that you can immediately contact and offer to trade via private messaging, telephone or e-mail. Effective systems will provide you with exchange matches to make searches easier as well as monitor the transaction to ensure that all goes smoothly and satisfaction is guaranteed.
Things to Remember When Bartering Services
Define the service you are providing as well as the service you are looking for. Include the main service you need, how long you need it for, date and venue of services, specifications or things to be emphasized by the service, how many people are intended to provide the services for you and how expenses on the project are going to be paid for. You should also inform your fellow barterer all these details regarding the service you offer when discussing the exchange.
When looking for potential trades, try looking for local barterers who will be easier for you to locate and meet to further discuss details. If you find a remote source, it is recommended to look for a third party or inform a web site moderator regarding the trade once you finalize everything. Confirm the trader’s profile and save a copy of your emails or messages.
It will help to ask other members online who have already done barter services with the person you are transacting with. Check references or ask for some if there are none shown. You can finalize the details in paper once everything is settled. Write a barter service contract to avoid any complications and conflicts in the future. Have it signed by all parties then send a copy to the web site moderator.

Why barter?

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Few of us are immune to the pressures of living in these challenging socioeconomic times. However, we often perpetuate our struggles to save money by solving our day to day problems through spending. Often it is for the sake of convenience; time is another resource in short supply, so we pull out our wallets and spend. Bartering relies on a completely different type of currency – one of creativity, energy and time. In an ideal situation, everyone’s needs are met by exchanging goods and services of equal value. Not a dime need be spent. Since everyone has something to offer that someone else wants or needs, bartering is something anyone can do. I often exchange favors with my brother, which works well as we each have different skills to offer. Recently, I traded several haircuts for his willingness to deliver and install a dishwasher. We also occasionally need an hour or two of childcare, and enjoy spending time with each others’ kids. Win-win.


How to Start Bartering

Make a list of skills you have to offer. Think about what you do at work (after all, if someone is paying you to do your job, your skills are worth something). Are you a quick typist and an expert at formatting documents? There is someone out there who could use help with updating a resume. Are you an accountant? Come tax season, everyone will want an hour of your time. Do you troubleshoot computer glitches? Your time is valuable to most of us year round. Now think of services you can offer that don’t require professional expertise. Could you house sit, pet sit, dog walk, de-clutter a closet or entire home, clean carpets or prepare meals? Could you offer storage in your garage or home, or a room or bed to a traveler? Are there things you love to do that you could teach someone else? Did you play basketball in high school and have time to coach your neighbor daughter once a week? Could you teach someone to play bridge or the cello? I bet your energy and time are more valuable to others than you realized. The next step is finding others to barter with. Spread the word among family, friends and neighbors. Use social media to seek out and organize a network of like minded people who want to share skills and time rather than spend money. Create an ad on Craigslist, and search the site for the people interested in exchanging services. Individuals and Business owners should check out bartering networks that have been created to help people and entrepreneurs trade services with each other and other businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

Other Benefits of Bartering

Bartering depends on good will between parties. While you can spend your money anywhere and walk away, bartering requires voluntary cooperation. As you begin to trade your time for someone else’s, you will find yourself living a life of connections rather than a life you may think of as self-sufficient – using money to hire strangers to solve problems. You will find yourself thinking about how you can take care of others as much as you think about getting your needs met. Most people believe in returning kindness for kindness; it’s something we do, like returning a borrowed cookie sheet with a fresh batch of baking. Feeling helpful and appreciated are essential to our sense of well being and self-worth. By finding ways to help each other save money, we can create a healthier and caring society.

Bartering – Learning to do at Home

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Bartering has been making a comeback in our community- and many other places. In our homeschooling group, we all barter and it really helps keep our expenses down.
Bartering is simply the swapping of goods for services, goods for goods or services for services.Why pay for something when you can barter to absorb some of the costs associated with services you need?
For example, our homeschool group swaps babysitting duties with eachother so each person can each do their shopping without kids in tow.
A quick checklist to keep in mind when bartering is to:.

Know the value of what you want and what you have to barter.
For example, maybe you offer to clean a friend’s house in exchange for an item they are trying to sell. Once you pick the value of your cleaning service, you can negotiate.

Be Bold, But Don’t be Pushy
Set Specific Rules
These rules can be in the form of a formal document or a verbal agreement. Just make sure it’s understood by both parties.

Start Small
Bartering takes practice. To build confidence, start small and work your way up. After a little while, you will be an expert.

Be Fair
You will only get nothing for nothing. Make sure what you want and what you have to offer in trade are compatible.
Bartering is about creating a mutually beneficial transaction. It is an old art form, and by watching his parents bartering successfully, our son will learn from an early age a skill that is absolutely necessary during hard economic times.

Bartering Online!


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