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Take care!

Even though tough days are behind us, more will unfortunately come! The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is incredible: Lower Manhattan is still without power – parts of it are still under water – and the subway system has had its worst damage in its entire history!

This was my first time in such a serious situation. I only knew hurricanes from newscast; suddenly I was in the center of the devastation – it was a strange feeling and it is still. Under such circumstances you become conscious of who take care of you. When you are thousands of miles away from home – like me – Social Media and especially Facebook develop into an important communication instrument. My friends and many acquaintances asked on Facebook if I was alright and wanted to know what really happened. Luckily my neighborhood was relatively untroubled by Sandy. There were only a few broken trees and damaged cars.

Unfortunately they are friends of mine who are still without electricity, water, and cell phone service. How can we help them? Be there for them! Support your friends in any way you can and show them that you are there for them: offer your apartment for them to stay, buy food, embrace them, or conjure a smile on their faces. Sometimes it is these simple things that help the most!

Through the worst that Hurricane Sandy caused, we are still New Yorkers and no one can keep us down. We are a proud nation and if we fall down we stand up stronger than we ever were before!

Make A Barter Dream Come True (and Change the World)

Every one of us has heard about the Canadian, Kyle MacDonald, who bartered his way from a red paper clip to a house by way of 14 unique transactions. We think that it’s time for a new one of a kind barter story!

Daniel, a member of our site, barters on behalf of a non-profit that provides much needed aid to villages in Tanzania. Their current goal is to keep trading “up” for bigger and better items, until they can fund a water filtration system, valued at around $1500.

We want to accelerate this process and invite you to help Daniel and his non-profit to achieve their goal as soon as possible. Make a barter dream come true and be a life changer for kids in Tanzania.

What you can do:
1. Barter for Daniel’s Have, a Bamboo Pen & Touch USB Digital Tablet.
2. Promote his efforts on Social Media. Post his profile on your Facebook page, spread the word on Twitter and tell your friends about his mission.
3. Reach out and talk to him about your own experiences with bartering and give him practical tips.

Have you ever wanted to donate and give back but couldn’t find the right opportunity? Now’s your chance!

What BarterQuest will do:
1. Needless to say, write this blog and spread the word.
2. Promote Daniel on our Facebook and Google+ pages and in all Twitter accounts.
3. Send a newsletter about Daniel to our users.
4. Promote his trades on our home page.

We think if we can all work to get this done, we can feel a little better about our world, and about ourselves.

Moving Help

I can enable you to meet your MOVING DEADLINE! Live In F Respite Provider ready to lend a hand to short term clients needing help organizing, packing and cleaning. No job is too big or too messy. Can simultaneously care for client and help you do what it takes to fill the moving van by your target date. Positive and Patient Team Player. Seeking long term Rural rm/apt. or estate/animal caretaker position in exchange for my help moving. Must be HORSE FRIENDLY location with internet access. CNA/Hospice background. Drug/alcohol free.

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