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Tag Archive for Halloween

Happy Halloween

Friends of the night, it’s that time again, time for black and orange, our next holiday’s traditional colors. How will you celebrate Halloween this October 31st?

I usually get ready for Halloween last minute. But everything is different this year. Two months ago I got this great invitation from a friend for a costume party on the Upper East Side. So I made a decision to take pre-emptive action; I went shopping for my costume.

It was a bit stressful, but in the end it was worth the effort. I swapped for my outfit because I knew that it would be too expensive to buy (I need to keep whatever cash I can get my hands on). I traded intensively for two weeks and finally got it all: shorts, jersey, socks, black eye strips and shoulder pads. Yes, I decided to dress as a New York Giants football player. With the shoulder pads, and from just the right angle and in the right light, I looked like Victor Cruz.

I also bartered for my boyfriend’s costume. He doesn’t like to be seen wearing costumes, so I swapped for a one of a kind solution on our site. No one will be able to make him out wearing a horse’s head mask.

Victor Cruz rides again! Happy Halloween!

When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall

The season is changing: Fall begins tomorrow! This time of the year marks the transition from summer into winter, when the arrival of night becomes noticeable earlier.

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. ~Stanley Horowitz

Fall is a mosaic for me too and I would like to describe the five pieces of my fall 2012 mosaic.

Let’s start with music! “Autumn Leaves” from Nat King Cole is one of my favorite songs for this time of year. It reminds me of the old black and white movies of yesteryear. Get in the right mood for fall and swap for a collection of over 1,500 Vinyl LP’s.

“Love it or hate it” my boyfriend told me last Saturday while he watched football instead of helping me to put together our new kitchen unit. I realized that with fall, for better or worse, football season arrives! I have come to the decision that I suffer his favor for football. So if you, like me, have decided to make the best of it on fall weekends, you might as well get “extra points” and give your boyfriend a gift. Trade for an Autographed Earl Campbell Football. You may never have to build out your kitchen alone again.

In the end of October I always ask myself the same question: What will I wear on Halloween? During the year I have a couple of ideas, but if you’re anything like me you procrastinate until it’s last-ditch. To get ideas, you can go to BarterQuest and trade for a costume. You may want a Scream Costume. I guarantee that no one will know you!

I love my mother but every year on Thanksgiving it’s a disaster. She runs through the kitchen like a headless turkey. She drives not only herself, but also my father, my brother and me crazy. This year everything will be totally different. I am hosting Thanksgiving. My secret will be to arrange for a private chef! Barter for a Professional “Chopped” Champion Chef.

Last but not least, I love to walk through Central Park on Sunday afternoons in the fall. When the wind twists the colored leaves from the trees I dream of my own piece of land or be somewhere else!

Weekly Items on

Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly series.

Once a week from now on we will update interesting items that people are trading on if you are interested in any of them, please just join BarterQuest and start trading.

1.  44 ft. Endeavour Trawler Power Catamaran

Power Cat
The first item we will feature is this amazing boat. This pristine 44 ft. Power Cat is perfect for the Islands or Great Loop. Everything you and your Mate could desire. Roomy, luxurious quarters in very seaworthy twin hulls. Amazingly well equipped for extended cruising and independence. Anchor out in air conditioned comfort or draw compliments at your dock. Three queen sized bedrooms,  an office, air conditioning throughout including bridge.

2. Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The second item we would like to introduce to you is this lovely 2004 Harley Davidson Softtail Duece Dlx. The bike is in perfect condition, and the current mileage is only 12,000 miles.

3. 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0

This is a fantastic and smooth ride, the previous 2 owners improved it greatly. it has the Lift (4″ skyjacker sway 1 with hydro 7000 shocks and quick disconnects on front anti-sway bar ), exhaust (performance headers with 2 pipes into 1 after the flanges then 2 and 1/4″ pipe goes straight back through the over sized catalytic and stainless muffler then bends over rear axle and has a nice shiny tailpipe, impressive sound, look and performance), Airaid performance intake, 5 American Racing 15″ aluminum rims, Warn rear bumper and tire swing, front grill guard/pusher bar, gearing and locker are definitely in the rear ( locker engages when enough torque is applied in reverse, you’ll hear it engage and feel the difference) and Jet chip/computer.

4. Halloween Costume

And finally, yes Halloween is just around the corner, and thus you will need to buy a costume soon. However instead of buying one, why not barter your way to a new costume. A user is offering this amazingly scary Scream costume with a blood dripping mask. free porn movies