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Regifting Not a Bad Idea

Posted on: January 14, 2010
Originally posted by: Aubree Casper

It takes a little more creativity, however, if Aunt Sue special-ordered that flower pot and you can’t simply return it. Fortunately, all hope isn’t lost when it comes to chucking it for something more useful. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. One option to find that green thumb in Arizona, who would love a nice terra-cotta planter, is using auction sites like or That way you can either take the cash directly or put whatever you make into buying a more usable gift.

2238934937 is one of many sites that allow users to sell or trade their undesired gift cards for one to a specific store or for money to another user, or they can sell their card (for less than its true value) to the site to get rid of it. Plastic offers a similar service, but it only buys gift cards and for no more than 90 percent of the actual value. But, if you really will never use it, at least get something for it, right?

Perhaps the most fun and interesting way to lose the guilt of re gifting is to have a re gifting party., a site dedicated to the perils and triumphs of the holiday ritual, recommends this as a social way to not only relieve those moments of disappointment, but to possibly barter with your friends for their gifts. Get together with a large group of friends and take turns presenting your unwanted gifts and taking bids, or set-up a marketplace-like event where people “buy” one gift with another. You might be surprised to find how many people end up leaving as happy customers (or regifters in this case).

No matter your method of pawning those impractical presents, make sure you have a game plan for how you’re going to dodge those pointed questions from that family member when they want to know what you’ve made with the food processor they gave you. Regifting or bartering can be a win-win situation.

Barter for Christmas

Posted on: December 17th, 2009


A lot of people are having financial problems lately but it should not stop us from celebrating Christmas and continuing our tradition of gift giving. We may not have money but for sure we have some stuff hanging around our house that we don’t need. Gina and Richard Lavelle came up with an idea so they could give presents to their for children this Christmas. They turned to Craigslist together with dozens of people like them bartering their goods or services for some gift items for the Christmas season.

There are some websites who are just specialized in bartering for example BarterQuest.

Bartering is a good idea as you get good stuff and even new ones through bartering. Lots of Americans are experiencing what this couple is facing too. They’ve lost their jobs and are trying to make ends meet and with the help of Craigslist, they are offering their services for money. They are offering their services for just about anything. She would baby sit; split would or even clean the house. Her husband is a mechanic so he could fix cars too. So far, they are getting some responses to their ad already and getting some cash for it. It’s not as good as getting a job but it will surely be enough for this family to survive the crisis and their kids would still have their Christmas gifts this season.

Christmas Macaroons

Posted on December 10th, 2009
Originally posted by: doughmesstic

So, this whole thing with the bartering.  Have I even mentioned it here, or just on Twitter?  Well, I like to repeat myself, so you’re getting the scoop yet again.


I am bartering this year.  For stuff.  Christmas presents and such, you know.  So I started shouting on Twitter – who wants to trade? And I got lots of responses!  It seems that it isn’t just ME trying to be a little frugal this year.  Now, I don’t want to say WHO I traded with or what FOR exactly, because hello? The stuff is for gifts.Gifts . (Okay, maybe a few things are for me, but I, too, will be experiencing the Holidays.  So, Yay me.)  But, I’m talking toys. Apparel. Ornaments. Food.More food.  Good stuff.  And what did I have to do in return?

Bake my fool ass off, that’s what.

I bartered out gingerbread cookies and so many macarons that if I don’t see another cookie until 2010, that’s fine by me.

This go ‘round, I made two different flavor combos.  The first was Hot Cocoa, the second was Candy Cane.  i thought they fit the Holidays.  Yummy, too.  But here’s the deal…they didn’t turn out quite as perfect as I would have liked.  Yes, still cute as a button and taste great, but I like mine to be perfectly flat. These all had the little “kiss” on top –small, but still there.  The reason? I doubled the recipe .  I just don’t think that’s a good idea – the batter doesn’t seem to get wet enough.  I’ve done this once or twice before and gotten the same “kissy top” result…therefore – do as I say, not as I do. Don’t double the recipe. Just make 2 separate batches if you want umpteen dozen of these suckers.  They do make nice gifts, especially if you package them up nicely.

New Wave of Christmas Presents

Posted on December 1st, 2009
Original Post by: Mrs B


After reading many blogs (namely One Green Generation), I decided to try and make this year’s Christmas one of home-made, ethical and / or locally made gifts. If I cant make it myself, then I have bartered skills with friends to get the same result, or as a last resort bought beautiful home-made products from local women and men.

I’ve been knitting, growing, baking and putting together some interesting gifts for loved ones. And I feel like it has more meaning for me this year. That’s partly because Little B is old enough now to participate but also because my gifts are well thought out and from the heart.

So far, I’ve potted basil plants in recycled terracotta pots, baked favourite biscuits and sweets, knitted dish cloths, raised seedlings and there’s more to come. I’ve also been bartering my child caring skills with a friend to help with a crafty present I want to give. Some I cant say as the recipients read my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise ;-)

My only downfall has been Little B’s present from Santa. In this case, I bought new but next year I hope to be able to make some more goodies for him from the jolly red man.