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Trade with Members of Your Own Club

In the near future we will be introducing Trading Clubs to our site. This feature will allow you to form your own trading club or join an existing one. You will be able to easily find what other members have to trade and discuss your trading experience in a forum dedicated to your club’s members. Trading clubs will be formed to bring together friends and family or people with shared interests. Organizations that represent special interest groups for whom trading is an attractive alternative will also be able to form Trading Clubs for their memberships. Our site will support clubs sponsored by small businesses that may have trading affinities.

The purpose of the Trading Clubs is to allow our users to search for trades within a community to which they naturally belong, in which they feel comfortable, and through which they can pursue trading opportunities with like minded individuals.

Trading Clubs will be organized by and within categories. In addition to your own friends and family, clubs could be organized by your geographic region, by specific types of services, by your interest in items related to the environment (green), or by your lifestyle and what types of items you may be interested in. The major club categories will include, among other things, artists and entertainers, books, collectors, gamers and hobbyists, moms and dads, music, seniors, sports and exercise, students, technology and travelers.

Once introduced, we encourage you to use the clubs as another way of organizing your trading activity. While you will be able to join certain clubs (like those organized around another user’s friends) by invitation only, other clubs will be available to anyone with a shared interest. Again, if you don’t find a club that matches your trading interests, we will urge you to sponsor your own.

Think Trading Clubs is a good idea? Any suggestions related to this feature (such as a special category, or type, of club)? Let us know.