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Part Two: Newborn and Toddlers

Your baby comes into the world; you’re happy yet insecure: am I doing everything right? Has my baby everything it needs? You need a few days to realize that there is a new family member living in your house now.

It takes time to get familiar with all the different needs of the baby, what it likes and dislikes or what it wants when it screams in a particular way. You don’t have to worry about doing something wrong. It’s in a mother’s nature to try and do everything for her baby.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous – it is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body.” (E. Stone)

So everything you do, you do not only for yourself but also for your child. You do it with love, passion and dedication, and the baby feels that. It will feel the comfort, the love and the attention. The newborn will receive only the best: the best products, the best food, and the best care, just because you want to make sure it’s fine. As far as child care is concerned, everything, starting from their health, hygiene and safety at home and outside the home needs to be considered.

Basically, if you fully dedicate yourself to the new challenge and trust your motherly instincts, you can’t do anything wrong. You will see your beautiful and healthy baby grow a little more each and every day.

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Expensive Little Tots….Babies and Bartering

baby bartering

Everyone knows that having a child is something that needs to be planned in advance, from diapers to formula, your bundle of joy can cost you a bundle of cash. With high unemployment rates and the economy still in the doldrums, parents are trying to get the most from their dollars.

One expensive aspect of raising a child is clothing and other items. “With children’s gear, there’s a lot of inefficiencies and waste,” says Michael Satz, chief executive of “Stuff ends up hanging in a closet, getting thrown out or donated.”To help, free Web sites have popped up that let parents barter for clothing, toys and equipment. On, you list the items you don’t want and swap them for the items you do want. [Read Full Article]