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Benefits of Online Bartering

Let’s talk about barter. We all know the concept because we do it all the time. It’s in our genetic program (I believe) to trade and reciprocate. When we were little we swapped sandwiches for lunch, exchanged clothes or accessories, toys and so on. It’s a human instinct to negotiate, compare and trade. Done correctly, it’s a classic win-win situation: both parties gain a benefit.
Bartering is an old concept from the times when there was no currency. You might think now that we have money, things are much less complicated. But in fact they are not. Using money in situations you wouldn’t have to can be a waste. And why not gaining double benefits by finally getting rid of an unwanted item and receiving a needed one instead? By doing so you also contribute to a greener world by conserving resources (basically you recycle).
I’ve talked about bartering in general. Now, what are the concrete benefits of bartering online? Are there benefits at all? And how does that work anyway?
Let me tell you, there are numerous benefits. First of all, thanks to the internet as a driving force of globalization, we can reach people all over the globe – within seconds! This is a very interesting aspect when it comes to trading. The potential group of people you could trade with becomes almost infinitely large. You can basically reach millions of people in split seconds. This brings me to my next point: it’s efficient! There is no longer the need to reach out to people who might have what you want and who might possibly engage in a trade with you and meet them personally. Also, there is no reason to be embarrassed. Being part of a barter network means you’re among like-minded people. We understand people who don’t feel like asking the dentist whether they can pay with apples instead of cash.
Another aspect that should be considered is the fact that people who join online trading communities come from different backgrounds and join the network for different reasons. This increases the chances for you to find a matching trading partner.
You can basically go online, register (which only takes a few seconds at and your successful trade is only a couple of clicks away. You don’t need cash or a credit card, simply ship your item to your trading partner or perform the negotiated service (or provide your Real Estate). Speaking of goods, services and Real Estate: you can barter with all three categories, meaning BQ will let you trade the temporary use of your house with a car or the service of a nanny and so on (you get the idea).
So why don’t you become a member of the BarterQuest network today, make your lifestyle greener, save money and have fun? We’re looking forward to welcome you in our community!

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