Swap Books!

I found this article yesterday:

“Brooklyn Bookstore Lets You Trade Paperbacks For Coffee”

Molasses Books in Bushwick, Brooklyn is a new bookstore that offers a change from the traditional retail model, letting customers trade their books for a coffee tab (or more books). The store owner, Matthew Winn, is also applying for a tavern license, which will allow you to swap for beer and wine in the future.
The small, curated store is light and open, with space for a dozen people to sit and read and plenty of room to browse. Lots of fiction titles cover one wall, while non-fiction, art, and photography can be found elsewhere. The average book is priced at $1-10. Brokelyn reports there isn’t an exact science for the buying and selling system just yet: “You’ll get about a third of the resale value in cash, or a little more for trade or a tab at the bar.”

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I think their business model is interesting. They combine the concept of traditional barter with the opportunity to get something you would otherwise pay for every day, coffee. Conserve your cash and drink your coffee!

Now, BarterQuest can’t offer you coffee for your books. But you can get a lot of other things, including other books. Before your bookcase breaks or your patience breaks over continually dusting books you’ll never look at again, trade them on our site. In fact, if you would like to actually write a book or publish one, swap for it under “Services.”

Start swapping now. You never know what you might get for a book!

Barter for Transportation

“Write a blog about bartering,” that’s my challenge every Friday. Up to now we have discussed many topics about bartering: how to barter, BarterQuest and social media, swapping places to stay, and others.

Yesterday, I had no clue what I should talk about today. When I woke up this morning and looked at my chest of drawers, which was the first piece I bartered, I had still had no idea.

On my way to work, while I was sitting in the subway (lucky to have a seat, but not enough space to turn over the newspaper page) I got it: “Barter for transportation!”

In New York, to go to work by subway is like this: crowded, hot as hell when the A/C has broken down, a man with an unpleasant odor sits behind you on your left and to your right a sweating, noisy woman. That is everyday life and every New Yorker understands the challenge!

So I closed my eyes and thought about how wonderful it would be to own a car. Nobody around me, listening to the radio, getting a fresh breeze from the A/C, and, of course, having a seat. But then you’re subject to the traffic jams and expensive parking. To barter for a car, living in New York, won’t work for me.

A motorbike could be an option. I soon got more comfortable with this idea. At work I browsed for motorbikes on our site. In the last few months so many users have posted their motorbikes – it’s amazing! Thank you for using our category “Transportation.” Hopefully, all the motorbikes will find a new owner. As for me, I will be choosing one and bartering for it!

Say goodbye to the subway and barter for a car, motorbike, boat (if you are by the water) or trailer! You can find them all in “Transportation”!

Go for Gold! – Go for BarterQuest!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for! Today is the day that the London 2012 Olympic Games begin!

For the next three weeks, the world’s best athletes will compete to win medals, break world records, and create special moments to remember.

Mariel Zagunis, a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist fencer, has been given the honor to carry the American flag and to lead the 529-member US Team at the Opening Ceremony.

Let the games begin! Stop being a couch potato, stand up and cheer for the US Team! “Go for Gold” – “Go for BarterQuest!” Be a member of our community, join our clubs and barter for a personal fitness trainer, a basketball, a bathing suit or a pair of athletic shoes to create YOUR own special moment and be your own hero!

Browse through our category of Sporting Goods here


Who doesn’t want a designer dress?

Our interest was aroused yesterday when we saw the first episode of the 10th season of “Project Runway.” Supermodel Heidi Klum and her fellow judges are searching for the next Marc Jacobs or Vivienne Westwood. Sixteen contestants, young to somewhat older (58) presented their dresses on the runway in Times Square. Awesome!

But you don’t have to dream of wearing a designer dress. It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Start your own “Project Runway” by starting your own “Project Barter!” On our site users offer many high fashion products, both dresses and accessories! Be your own judge and barter for a one-of-a-kind piece!

Your “Project Barter” starts here

Piano Lessons

Ever wanted to learn how to play piano? Do your kids want to play an instrument but you can’t afford the lessons? Well, it’s not too late.
This week on BarterQuest we are featuring piano lessons for individuals of all ages.

Located in New York City, the piano teacher is also available for virtual lessons. Passionate about classical music, the teacher is also willing to come to your apartment.
Become a maestro and impress your friends and family!

For further information, please contact your future trading partner here:

List your home on BarterQuest

BarterQuest offers users the possibility to trade Goods, Services, and Real Estate. In fact, the Real Estate section on BarterQuest is constantly growing.

Let’s not forget that on our website you can trade anything with a few clicks!
And if you are interested in trading Real Estate, BarterQuest offers a wide range of possibilities. This means you can swap apartments when you travel, barter a vacation home or a condo, trade timeshares, or offer your property in a permanent exchange for something you want.

On our website, you can barter real estate to make life more affordable (and interesting). Or you can trade Real Estate that can be used in a business or for commercial purposes.

Many types of Real Estate can be offered on BarterQuest. Listing is easy.
When you list your property, you will be provided with a check list for the specific things that come with it, for example, the number of bedrooms, its access to various activities, air conditioning, and others. When you offer a property for temporary use, a calendar will let you indicate when it will be available. Your trading partners will be able to find your property not only by its description, but by its location.

List your Real Estate. Become a member of the BarterQuest community. Take advantage of our trading clubs and forums. Meet people from all over the world who are interested in house swapping, bartering for holiday getaways or trading timeshares. Save money and have fun!

We’re running a Facebook Picture Contest!

I’m sure you’ve seen us promote this new contest on either facebook, twitter, or you read about it in our latest newsletter. Yes, we’re running a picture contest on facebook!

We’ve never done this before and we thought it might be a fun idea. Today’s world is a very visual place and all of us (or let’s say most of us) take a lot of pictures on a daily basis. You haven’t noticed? Check your album on your phone to see how many pictures you actually take – you might be surprised. It’s a good thing though because pictures allow us to capture special moments so we can remember them.

Also, pictures are a tool to communicate, and the good thing is there’s only one language everyone understands.
So why should you participate in our picture contest? There are in fact a few good reasons:
1. You’ll have the chance to win $100
2. You can be creative
3. It’s fun to think about previous trades and what you’ve bartered in the past
4. You can impress others

It really doesn’t matter whether you pose with an apple, a sandwich, a car or your dog. It just has to be something you’ve bartered in the past and you have to be in the picture with it. The more creative the photo the higher the chances for you to win. Submit your picture today! We’re looking forward to receiving many original entries.

Barter Kings?

We’re sure all of you passionate barterers have heard about this new series on A&E called “Barter Kings”. Of course we find the idea and the concept for the show very interesting, as we preach the same message: start bartering and save money!

But can this be real what they show on TV? Is it really possible to trade a record for a speed boat? You might be tempted to say yes, after we all heard about the story of this guy trading his way from a simple red paper clip to a house.
But here are some thoughts: bartering “your way up” only works when you constantly trade what you have for something of a higher value. Technically, this means you’re not engaging in an entirely fair trade. Unless of course, our counter party has a special interest in your item and is willing to invest something of a higher value.

Also, the barter kings find their deals on Craigslist. We love Craigslist as it’s an amazing platform for all kids of things – but not for bartering. The people who advertise on Craigslist might just want to sell their stuff in the end because they’re not entirely familiar with the concept. Also, Craigslist offers no guidelines on how to proceed in a trade. This can possibly be dangerous as you might come across many scammers. Again, this is not against Craigslist. We just believe it’s not the best platform if you are looking for interesting trades and like-minded people when it comes to the passion for trading.
In the end the show is very interesting and fun to watch. One might be tempted to go right outside and do just like how they do. We believe (or should I say we know?) it’s not as simple as that. No matter how good of a negotiator you are, not everything is swappable. In this regard the show might give you a wrong impression about what is possible and what not.

Our bottom line is that Barter Kings is a very interesting show indeed and we love watching it. However, be careful when you barter and make sure you find people who know how trading works. Why not find them at

Summer Swaps that make your Life a little Greener

Use a fan instead of A/C: A fan consumes far less energy than A/C and will still cool down your home (up to 10 degrees!). Also, use the reverse function in winter and help distribute the warmth throughout the entire house.

Make your own popsicles: Combine 1 cup of water with 1 cup of sugar in a small pan and bring to a boil. Then set aside to cool.
Then cut some kiwis into quarters, peel and remove the white core and the seeds. Purée the kiwis to a liquid. Combine the kiwi liquid , the syrup and ½ cup lime juice and pour the mixture into molds. Freeze for about 6 hours.
Swap sodas for homemade “lemonade”: Throw some of your favorite fruit/herbs in a pitcher, fill up with cold water and chill for a couple of hours. Good combinations are: cucumber and lemon, lemon and mint, melon and mint etc. Since this is not really lemonade but rather flavored water, you don’t harm your body with lots of sugar and therefore these homemade “lemonades” hydrate you much better and are in general better for you.

Go on a vacation almost for free: house swap. We already dedicated several articles to this topic so we don’t want to go into it. It’s as simple as that: check out our site for any possible house/apartment that might be of your interest, and then contact the owner or make an offer!

Use your grill instead of our oven: In summer you should take advantage of the outdoor heat and all the alternative activity you can do outdoors without using electricity and thus wasting energy. Use your grill rather than your oven and enjoy fun outdoor BBQs. The possibilities are limitless: you can roast veggies on your grill, make tortillas, roast marshmallows, etc.!

Dry your clothes on a clothes line instead of the dryer: Why not take advantage of all the natural sunlight and warmth to dry your laundry? Not only will your laundry have the freshest scent ever, but also will the sunlight kill germs and therefore serves as a natural sanitizer for your laundry.

All these swaps will make the summer heat more bearable or even enjoyable while you’re saving a lot of energy and therefore make your life a little greener. Sometimes small measures can have a tremendous impact.

BarterQuest and Social Media

I’m sure most of you know it already, but just in case there’s someone who doesn’t: BarterQuest uses Social Media! We’re currently present on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube.
This article is about our social media exposure in general, why we put ourselves out there and why it’s beneficial for you.

We use Twitter and Facebook for several reasons: even if you don’t check out our site daily, we want to make sure you don’t miss any good deals or giveaways, which is why we usually communicate these things via social media platforms. Also it’s a convenient way to share information with our users, such as good articles we think might interest you, or just regular tips and tricks about every day life.

With YouTube it’s a slightly different story. It’s not primarily made to communicate, but rather to share videos. We mainly use it to share our video tutorials that show you in a fun way how BarterQuest works. We believe it’s much more fun to watch an entertaining video than to just read how-to directions.

More recently we also joined Google+. We wanted to find out how that would work for us. We have the impression this platform is dominated by companies rather than individual members, but correct me if I’m wrong. However we’re trying to connect with businesses (mainly in the NY area) but also individuals who use Google+ and who use BarterQuest or might be interested in doing so. The advantage of Google+ is that we’re able to really connect with our users, for example by scheduling “hang outs” or just by sending messages

It was a very recent decision to join Pinterest, though. At first we were not sure whether this would be for us. But turns out it’s actually a great way to share not only images but ideas and inspirations in general. We pin nice pictures from our website and also share DIY ideas. And of course we love scrounging through other pinboards for nice images and ideas.

We would like to encourage users to get in touch with us via social media platforms in general. It might be more convenient for you to drop us a line on Facebook rather than sending an email to our support if you experience any trouble on our site. And I can ensure you; we reply extraordinarily quickly. Why don’t you give it a try and test us?