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Wedding and Portrait Photography


A picture says more than a 1000 words.
This User offers fine art wedding photography in NC, SC and VA as well as portrait photography up to 2 hours from Wilmington, NC.

Capture the most important moments of your life and have a look at this offer!


Computer Networking Services

This week we have an interesting service for you:

SoHo Business Solutions offers a broad array of services designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs SMB must have to stay competitive in their industry. Let them  keep your PCs, servers, email, networks, and Internet services up and running saving you valuable time and money. This allow your employees to focus on their job-related tasks while we focus on ours – being your information technology support team


Their comprehensive list of services includes:

Technology Solutions
Network Design/ Installation
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Network Data Security

Manage IT Services
Virus Alert
Small Business Links
IT Products

Technology Resources
Remote Server Management
Remote Data Protection Management
Network Management
Proactive Technology Services

Have fun trading!

St. Bernard dog


The thing we want to show you this week is a two year old housebroken, crate trained and extremely loving pure breed female St. Bernard. It is breaking the hearts of the family to give her away but they can no longer accommodate a dog of that size. If you love dogs and have the possibility to offer him a nice home you are the right person for this lovely female dog.

If you are interested, come to our site and join the barterquest community. Be green and start trading.

ipod touch 2nd gen 32 gig

Weekly Items on

Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly series.

Once a week from now on we will update interesting items that people are trading on if you are interested in any of them, please just join BarterQuest and start trading.

1.  44 ft. Endeavour Trawler Power Catamaran

Power Cat
The first item we will feature is this amazing boat. This pristine 44 ft. Power Cat is perfect for the Islands or Great Loop. Everything you and your Mate could desire. Roomy, luxurious quarters in very seaworthy twin hulls. Amazingly well equipped for extended cruising and independence. Anchor out in air conditioned comfort or draw compliments at your dock. Three queen sized bedrooms,  an office, air conditioning throughout including bridge.

2. Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The second item we would like to introduce to you is this lovely 2004 Harley Davidson Softtail Duece Dlx. The bike is in perfect condition, and the current mileage is only 12,000 miles.

3. 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0

This is a fantastic and smooth ride, the previous 2 owners improved it greatly. it has the Lift (4″ skyjacker sway 1 with hydro 7000 shocks and quick disconnects on front anti-sway bar ), exhaust (performance headers with 2 pipes into 1 after the flanges then 2 and 1/4″ pipe goes straight back through the over sized catalytic and stainless muffler then bends over rear axle and has a nice shiny tailpipe, impressive sound, look and performance), Airaid performance intake, 5 American Racing 15″ aluminum rims, Warn rear bumper and tire swing, front grill guard/pusher bar, gearing and locker are definitely in the rear ( locker engages when enough torque is applied in reverse, you’ll hear it engage and feel the difference) and Jet chip/computer.

4. Halloween Costume

And finally, yes Halloween is just around the corner, and thus you will need to buy a costume soon. However instead of buying one, why not barter your way to a new costume. A user is offering this amazingly scary Scream costume with a blood dripping mask.

Is Permanent Exchange of Real Estate a Good Idea?

In times of the financial crises, moving sometimes is the only way for a new future, but how to sell your house in these times?

The real estate prices are at the bottom, buyers not really in sight – so what to do?

Have you ever thought about exchanging your home? Not only for vacation but forever? Permanent exchange is a new and helpful procedure and a lot of people already posted their homes or their land to swap.

Your dream might come true, it’s only one swap away….

a condo in Orlando, Florida
or a residence at a lake in New Mexico

More Real Estate on BQ

How to Do a House Swapping’

This weekend I overheard a conversation about house swapping in a cafe. One of the guys wanted to try it for the first time this summer with an apartment in Australia. And of course his friends were a bit skeptical. I joined their conversation and I quickly found out that house swapping isn't just going on a trip for little money. People are concerned about all kinds of things. So here are some things I found on the internet that should help you not worry too much about this great thing called house swapping:
Mutual Trust Do you believe in humanity? You should, but if you don't do too much at least we try to make our users as transparent as possible by our rating system. No early decisions Be open minded about your destination. Sometimes there comes a surprise along you never ever would have dreamed of. If you stick to one particular place you want to go it will most definitely end up in a letdown.
Living Details I don't know about you, but even though I'm open minded to new cultural experiences some places in this world just work completely different than ours and because of that I'm always very thankful if someone helps me with the cultural differences. So the best you can do, is making a list about all the stuff you would like to know and exchange it with your swapping partner. And also where you keep your daily stuff which grab everyday but only you know where it is. Writing and talking always helps
Don't die of thirst! Make sure you know where you can get your water and food. If you go on a trip to Thailand and you are somewhere in the jungle the next supermarket could be a far cry from your refrigerator.
Cleaner than clean (this includes smells you got used to) If you think your house is clean, just do it all over again. Just imagine trading a place in Paris, arrive there and then... well start looking for Mr. Clean. I think you wanna do something else (in the city of love).
Trust is good, Insurance is better Talk to your insurance agent about your swapping plans! This will give you additional peace of mind. So what else do you need? Well a destination for starters! What about this one...

Missed Spring Shopping, Again!

So it is spring again and this means I again forgot to get all the things I desperately need in my closet to be ready for this spring. In need of all the new skirts, shirts, shorts and shoes I tried the usual way down to the mall. But I wasn’t the only one with late-spring-shopping on my mind (of course! Felt like one day after Christmas).

Especially the jeans shop was like they had a 100 % off (believe me, it was the other way around) therefore I was reminded once again that our idea at isn’t the worst idea these days. To be honest, who needs browsing in sweaty overcrowded places for Kate Moss Jeans? I don’t want to look like Kate just have her pants!

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