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Cleanin’ Out My Closet!

Advantages of bartering for you, your style and your closet:

“Spring-Cleaning” – you don’t no where to put your ‘last-year and winter clothes’ ?
♦ It’s so simple! Post them on BarterQuest and make somebody else happy.

Something special to wear as a present for Mother’s Day, but no money?
♦ Check out the clothes and accessories on BQ, and get your mom’s new fave for free.

Like to shop clothes on flea markets?
♦ Check out the online ones!  – BQ is the one for you. Vintage, Labels….

You can’t stand your old clothes anymore? But they are still to good for the trashcan?
♦ post them, get rid of them and gain something new!

Still no idea what to do with your Christmas presents?
♦ well, BQit! :)



BarterQuest featured in Fox My9 News!

BarterQuest was recently featured on Fox My9 News (New York) during a feature piece on the rise of bartering and its advantages. It’s a great piece on how in this economy, trading can help everyone with a lot of their needs.

Don’t Fight or Steal – Barter!

Of course, fighting or stealing is bad. But really, you don’t have to do either of those things if you want something. With BarterQuest, you’ll be able to trade for it. So not only does BarterQuest make it fast and easy to get what you want for what you have, it’s also safe!

Here’s our first ad, which demonstrates this on a more ‘primitive’ level: