Bartering – Learning to do at Home

by Nuria Almeida on 12/02/2011
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Bartering has been making a comeback in our community- and many other places. In our homeschooling group, we all barter and it really helps keep our expenses down.
Bartering is simply the swapping of goods for services, goods for goods or services for services.Why pay for something when you can barter to absorb some of the costs associated with services you need?
For example, our homeschool group swaps babysitting duties with eachother so each person can each do their shopping without kids in tow.
A quick checklist to keep in mind when bartering is to:.

Know the value of what you want and what you have to barter.
For example, maybe you offer to clean a friend’s house in exchange for an item they are trying to sell. Once you pick the value of your cleaning service, you can negotiate.

Be Bold, But Don’t be Pushy
Set Specific Rules
These rules can be in the form of a formal document or a verbal agreement. Just make sure it’s understood by both parties.

Start Small
Bartering takes practice. To build confidence, start small and work your way up. After a little while, you will be an expert.

Be Fair
You will only get nothing for nothing. Make sure what you want and what you have to offer in trade are compatible.
Bartering is about creating a mutually beneficial transaction. It is an old art form, and by watching his parents bartering successfully, our son will learn from an early age a skill that is absolutely necessary during hard economic times.

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