Bartering when starting a Business

Posted on April 26th, 2010

If you are running a business or thinking of starting a business, there are great opportunities to make your venture a profitable and lucrative one. The thing is that it’s not only you you will be facing the economic crises; it is everyone around you going through the same problems. In these times, what you can do to make your business grow without spending more money is by bartering services and goods and establishing good relations with other businesses and professionals.

Below a few tips and suggestions on how you can use your cabinet services to your advantage and spread your business without spending money or going out of your way!

  • Approach accountants for your business as they can help you greatly with your books and accounts. In turn offer your services to individual accountants or their company and help them if they need any jobs done. This will not only help you in your business but also help you to show them what you can do and ask for referral jobs too.
  • You can also approach attorneys or lawyers and ask them to trade out expenses in a barter exchange.
  • The same goes for physicians and other medical practitioners, you can approach them in barter of your services and do a fabulous job for them. This makes starting business worthwhile as no matter how the economic conditions are, you will be able to carry on your business forward and make a name for yourself with good services and a neat job.
  • Approaching auto mechanics is another great way to bartering your services and getting your car repaired at the same time. All these things will help to get the word about your business out as business can only progress if people see what good you sell.

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