Bartering is back!

Posted on February 23rd, 2010
Originally posted by Christina Wedberg

Throughout the history of mankind, when the availability of currency goes down, the practice of barter exchange goes up. Barter is a method of trade, where goods and services are exchanged, that are equal in value. Whether for work or for personal gain, anyone who has something of value to trade can be included in the bartering system.

Different kinds of barter groups are becoming more and more popular today. Some kinds act as intermediaries, like online barter clubs, which have developed a system of units of value that are equivalent to a monetary system. This system of units is known as trade dollars or barter dollars. Trade dollars can be accrued and redeemed for services offered through the barter club.

For others, barter occurs as a direct trade using similar goods in demand such as vacation houses or wedding services. Each person’s services can be mutually swapped for other services of equal value.


Bartering For Bridal Goods and Services

Bartering with local businesses has also seen a rise in the wedding market. People with professional skills or their own small businesses are targeting businesses in their area for wedding goods to barter. By planning wedding outside of the peak periods of May and June, potential barterers and vendors are more likely to trade because business may have slowed and there is extra inventory in stock. Also, getting married on a weekday rather than Friday, Saturday or Sunday will increase the chances of saving money.

Bartering Is Here To Stay

Overall, bartering has become an excellent way to exchange goods, services, and real estate in these days of low cash flow. People have begun to think out of the box in their endeavor to attain the things they need and want. The age old practice of bartering never really went away and as long as there are people with wants and needs, bartering in some form will continue indefinitely.

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