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Posted on December 14th, 2009
Original posted by: Alexander Fowler


Here are some useful resources for those looking to get started with barter.

1. Barter Agreement

When we barter through Geektime, we ALWAYS use a barter agreement. You can download the sample barter agreement (in PDF form) that we use from this site. It’s a simple one page template we found on the Internet, but it spells out who is bartering, what is being bartered and creates an official record of your trade.

2. Barter Sites

There are a number of free barter sites on the Internet, in addition to professionally managed barter clubs or barter circles. Keep in mind that the professionally managed clubs charge a fee, but handle all of the administrative paperwork AND open up a larger network of potential partners. Here’s a list of some of the freebies, (try searching for your barter clubs or barter circles in your city or region for a list of the barter networks):

  • Craig’s List – the online classified giant has a free barter section for each region in which it operates.
  • BarterQuest – a well designed interface designed to match up partners based on “wants” and “haves”. Easy to use and search.
  • U-Exchange – a no frills bulletin board system with filtering and search capabilities.
  • FavorPals - very similar to U-Exchange, with time and date stamps to indicate freshness.

3. Tax Information

Don’t forget the IRS. They want to be paid on any and all compensation you receive, including bartered goods and services. Topic 420 on the IRS website covers bartering income from their perspective.

If you have any information you’d like to add, please comment. Happy Bartering!

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