A BarterQuest poem for the holidays

A BarterQuest Holiday

The snow is deep and my money is low,
And I’m tired of searching at thirty below
For the things that I want for myself and for others,
For my friends, for my parents, my sister and brother.

I have things to offer (everyone does).
I just bought a laptop, but my old one still purrs,
And my room won’t be used when I am away,
And I can paint all your walls while you are at play.

But what can I get without getting shot?
Craigslisters can be an uncertain lot,
And books are so dull, and so are CDs,
Where are the interesting things for under the tree?

Then lo and behold, BarterQuest comes into sight,
Full of the things that make holidays bright:
Scuba gear for me, earrings for mom, beach condo for dad,
Ipod for brother, and for sister…jeans that are rad.

BarterQuest has helped me do the holidays right,
To give a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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