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Posted by Herbalpagan at Sunday, November 15, 2009

I read an interesting story today. It seems that a town (a larger one too) is having money problems and one of the budget cuts was mowing a meadow. A lady who owns dairy goats is being allowed to let her goats keep the meadow mowed. Good fodder for the goats and free mowing for the town. I’m thinking that many towns might be open to such an idea these days. I wonder what other ideas like that will come out of these economic hard times. It makes sense though and government rarely makes sense, so it must be the smaller governments that do these things.

One year, the small town I raised my kids in had a budget shortfall and the school budget was targeted. It was decided that gym, art,and all extras would be cut. There were many teachers in the school who lived in the town too, and they fought their own union to be able to contribute to the solution. They gave up cost of living raises for two years. The parent group paid for a weekly sports program, volunteers came in daily and ran the computer program and volunteers ran two talent shows with afternoon practices to help with the art and gym issue. It worked and worked well. Solutions can start at the ground level, instead of letting big government come up with them.

This led me to think about how we can make common sense solutions a part of our lives. I think that barter must be a part of those solutions. I can barter a ton of holiday crafts or jam and pickles for some maple syrup and a couple of hours of wood cutting. We need to think of these things and actually implement them into our lives more. We are so used to either doing without or paying hard cash for the things we want and need when barter and haggling is accepted in many parts of the world. I wonder when good sense went out of fashion in this country? Perhaps this is a case of “the proof is in the pudding” as the saying goes…this economy is in trouble and most Americans spend like nothing is different.

Just some thoughts.

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