A Great Holiday Deal – House Swapping

Posted in Budget Travel ,November 16th, 2009

There is an old saying that goes (it better to give than to receive). Who came it with that saying, I say it is better to do both at the same time. If you want cheap-discount-travel, how about house swapping. That’s right I said it house swapping. I would rather call it vacation swapping. This is newest, latest thing in cheap-discount travel. Here is how it works. You find a family or a person that wants to travel to your location the town or city where or near where you live. You will stay in their house in their city, town or different country, and they will come to where you live. Yes, they will actually be staying in your house, so you have to be ok with sharing your personal space.

There are a couple of precautions that I would take. You might want to put up all your valuable and personal information or anything that you would be terrified if it gotten broken. I sure they would not intentionally destroy anything, but mistakes do happen. Prior to the switch, you have to decide who would pay the utilities and other usable items. Everyone usually purchases their own food and clean the house when the visit is over. You can also swap automobiles with that person; this will further save you some money on car rental fees again adding to your cheap-discount- travel experience. Again each person would pay for their gas while in usage and fill and clean the automobile up on completion of usage. Thus, both parties receive and give a free vacation stay and transportation for free. Not to mention that the family in question; might have some family pass to local events, that can be used by their home guess, since your staying in their home, your more like an extended family instead of a visitor. Again, adding more value to your cheap-discount-travel vacation.

Depending on where you want to go and where you want to visit, will determine how many responses you get to your offer. If you live in a hot vacation spot or big city or not to far from one this might be a very easy task for you. However, if your location is not so popular, you might have to do a little research. Do some research and find out what types of events or activities that are happing is your area. Make a list and enhance the features. You would be surprised at what local activities that don’t necessary appeal to you might be the very thing that some else is looking for. Cheap Vacations, Vacations Available for Swapping, House Swapping Locations

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