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BarterQuest Introduces Localized Trading

May 12th, 2009

BarterQuest (, a platform that supports the cashless exchange of goods, services and real estate, today announced it has incorporated various features to allow its users to localize their trading options.

While BarterQuest remains a site for barter worldwide, users can now search for local trading alternatives by region or proximity. This can be important if a user is compelled to find a trading partner who is close to them because of requirements associated with delivery (a large or heavy item or services that require your physical presence) or if a user simply wants a greater sense of community.

“With a single click our users can now localize their trading options,” stated Bianca Han, Executive Vice President of BarterQuest. “You obviously maximize your trading alternatives by searching for trading partners without any geographic limitation. But even when you are not driven to trade locally by shipping or delivery considerations, you may prefer to trade within your own community. There can be a natural comfort level in dealing with another person who lives nearby. Unlike other trading sites, BarterQuest offers the best of both worlds. You have the choice to barter with anyone, anywhere or if you prefer, with someone who is just around the corner.”

About BarterQuest
BarterQuest supports the cashless exchange of all types of goods, services, and real estate. BarterQuest provides a trading platform based on proprietary, patent pending technology that instantly matches the haves and wants of users for two party and multi-party trades. Barter is encouraged by a user friendly Web design. BarterQuest is headquartered in New York, NY and is owned and operated by JPM Global, Inc., a Delaware corporation. For more information, visit

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