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BarterQuest Introduces Features to Support Trading in Real Estate

April 7th, 2009

BarterQuest (, a platform that supports the cashless exchange of goods, services and real estate, today announced it has incorporated a range of features to support the trading of real estate. BarterQuest enables the exchange of real estate for temporary use and, in the near future, for permanent ownership. Any type of real estate can be bartered, including apartments, offices, vacation homes, and timeshares. The site now has the complete spectrum of features necessary to facilitate the barter of goods, services, and real estate, locally and internationally, both within or between these categories. Trading on BarterQuest is free.

“Barter continues to attract consumers in this difficult economic environment, and real estate provides yet another possibility for users to trade and save money. Our site now has the comprehensive set of features and the technical capabilities required to barter an endless variety of items,” stated Dr. Paul Bocheck, President of BarterQuest. “BarterQuest is committed to providing our users with the greatest number of trading alternatives and the means to find the best trades for their needs. Our proprietary technology allows our users to easily navigate their trading options and locate potential partners by instantly matching “haves” and “wants” anywhere in the world.”

Additional features have also been added to improve the user’s overall trading experience. These include an enhanced search function enabling users to more quickly identify local trading possibilities, a simpler interface and redesign of the home page.

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