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BarterQuest Announces International Patents

March 26th, 2008, a Web site under development, announced that its parent company has initiated the process to establish international patents related to its proprietary trading and matching systems. will be a trading platform for the individual consumer that automatically matches the haves and wants of potential traders.

Dr. Paul Bocheck, the President of the Company, stated that “this will importantly extend the protection that is afforded by the U.S. domestic provisional patents filed in October 2006 and the three non-provisional patents filed in July 2007. BarterQuest will be a global site that supports trades in goods, services and real estate. The site will provide users with the unique ability to automatically navigate their trading alternatives to identify potential trades that respond to their specific preferences, whether such trades are between two parties or require multiple parties for their successful completion.” is owned by JPM Global, Inc., a Delaware corporation. will be an interactive Web site for the cashless exchange of goods, services, and the use of real estate between individual consumers. Key word searches and the automatic matching of the haves and wants of users will facilitate two-party and multi-party trades. The Web site is undergoing alpha testing and will launch in 2008.

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